Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Scaffolding

Scaffoldings are non-permanent work podiums typically used in construction areas, where it is impossible to do a task from ground level or completed building floors. These temporary platforms work for all types of construction work, from light-duty to heavy-duty projects. Click here to know more about scaffolding.

Scaffoldings are available in various supportive types depending on the material load type, weight, and worker requirements. One of the more advanced platform versions is Mobile Scaffolding, which takes the construction world by storm.

What is mobile scaffolding?

Mobile scaffoldings are temporary support working platforms on casters or wheels used for construction work. These movable structures are generally suitable for tasks where workers must change their positions more than once, like painting and plastering. Mobile scaffoldings ensure the worker’s safety at work, portability, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

Types of Mobile Scaffolding

The most commonly seen mobile scaffoldings in the present market are the single-bay scaffolding tower, supported and carried on casters. However, it will be easier to assemble mobile scaffoldings with coupler and tubes, modular scaffoldings, and forged frames. You can also customize these scaffoldings according to your needs and preferences.

As the scaffoldings are made for heavy construction work, ensuring all the safety measures is vital.

Safety measure with mobile scaffolding

  1. Avoid sudden racking of mobile scaffoldings by securing the frame structure with diagonal or horizontal braces or across, or a combination of both. 
  2. Ensure that the brace connections are securely attached and the scaffolding is flat, squared, and precise. 
  3. The safety of movable scaffoldings highly depends on the casters. The casters should have swivel locks and sturdy wheels to avoid unwanted movement of the trolley while working.
  4. To move the scaffold, never apply physical force 1.5 Meters above the worktop. It may cause accidents.
  5. Construction workers should be cautious not to step on the scaffolding when it is in transport.
  6. The scaffolding platform should be smaller than the base if the mobile scaffold does not have supportive outrigger frames.
  7. Before you start the work, thoroughly check the caster and wheel stem. They should be screwed tightly and connected firmly with the adjustment screws or scaffolding legs.

The pattern of a mobile scaffolding

The height of a mobile scaffolding should be within the limit of four times its base width, as you can’t tie the scaffolding for any additional support. If you want some extra space, you can add outriggers for broader area support.

A mobile scaffolding’s horizontal and diagonal braces are available every 6 meters. To have a perfect fitting, you will have to pin them properly. You can use a forged base with hooks if the scaffolding does not have a diagonal or horizontal brace. You can’t use side brackets on a mobile scaffolding, and the platform should not go beyond the base’s footprint.

Advantages Of Mobile Scaffolding

1. Portable

One of the best benefits of mobile scaffolding is that they are very portable. You can carry it around anytime while the work is in progress. The casters on which the scaffolding platforms stand can be easily moved from one spot to another with a simple push or pull. If you are painting the interior part of your house and want to free up some space at the end of the day, move the scaffolding to a convenient spot and dismantle it. Indeed, transporting mobile scaffolding requires very little time and effort.

Without a doubt, what separates mobile scaffolding from the traditional form of scaffolding is that you can move it as the job requirement demands. This feature is one of the most attractive benefits that make most contractors demand mobile scaffolding.  

2. Safe & Convenient

Every construction worker will choose a scaffolding option that can give them a safety guarantee. That is one of the reasons mobile scaffolding is becoming more popular in every construction site in Sydney by the day.  

Compared with more traditional scaffolding, such as a single fixed pole, mobile scaffoldings are far more convenient and safer for workers. In addition, the temporary support platforms are protected with railings at the top of the structure, significantly reducing the chances of workers falling from the scaffolding. 

Additionally, the scaffolding platforms can be conveniently raised or lowered with little effort, making it a viable option for many pros and DIY projects alike.

3. Spacious

Another fantastic benefit of using mobile scaffolding over other traditional scaffoldings is plenty of room to move. Workers can complete their jobs by working freely on mobile scaffoldings and being confined to a smaller space. Not only does it provide a safer option for site workers, but there is more space to keep tools and materials on the platform, allowing for a more effective and efficient working environment.

4. Lightweight & Productive

Mobile scaffolding generally comes with aluminium material, which offers a lightweight yet robust structure for site workers to complete their job successfully. As a result, mobile scaffolding is straightforward and moves from one place to another, lowering the risks of accidents or injuries. Furthermore, since you can carry out your works in a safer and more spacious environment, workers generally find that mobile scaffolding allows them to be more productive, making this scaffolding a very cost-effective option.

5. Durable 

Mobile scaffoldings are super durable. They can last for several years even if you use them every day, which is another reason many contractors prefer to opt for them. One factor contributing to the incredible durability of mobile scaffolding is that it doesn’t require frequent assembling and dismantling. 

Once you have set up your mobile scaffolding, you don’t have any reason to dismantle it until you have completed the project. All it requires to transport it to another place is a push or pull. 

Final Words

Mobile scaffolding is a multipurpose option for construction workers that offers numerous advantages over other kinds of scaffolding. Mobile scaffolding is safe and quick to assemble and dismantle and provides workers with a safer, more convenient, and more productive working environment to complete their projects.